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Every year public school employees make 4 simple mistakes that cost them thousands of dollars in state pension benefits. Most do not FULLY understand what state pension benefits they are entitled to or how to MAXIMIZE their benefits. Learn how to avoid these 4 common mistakes by understanding the following:

  • How much of my income will be covered by my state pension
  • How much additional savings should I have to offset my retirement income gap
  • Why would a beneficiary decrease my state pension benefits
  • How will pension reform impact my retirement

Not knowing this information could negatively affect your retirement. Download your Complimentary ebook today, already used by thousands of school employees. This FREE ebook will help educate you about your state pension benefits you are entitled to and help SAVE you THOUSANDS in retirement income. Here is some of the information you will learn:

  • How to calculate your state pension payout and income gap
  • How to offset your retirement income gap
  • How to ensure you are on track to meet your retirement age
  • Who is affected by pension reform and what will happen to your retirement you are entitled to

You are receiving this email and FREE ebook because you are a public school employee and need to get educated on your retirement benefits you are entitled to.

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