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What is ed4ed about?

At Ed4Ed we strive to provide CalSTRS and CalPERS members with up-to-date retirement information. Our team of experts stay current with the latest trends, changes and issues with retirement in California. Most CalSTRS and CalPERS members know they will have a pension when they retire. However, it is estimated that state pensions are currently underfunded by $4.7 trillion. There are many factors that affect the current and future income of retirees, such as volatile markets, pension reform, increases in healthcare costs, higher life expectancy, inflation and low interest rates. It is important for employees to know that their pension is estimated to only cover 60-70 percent of pre-retirement income. This is likely not enough to maintain your desired standard of living once you retire.

Supplemental retirement income, such as a retirement savings plan, is important for all members to understand and have. Retirement savings are crucial for maintaining your desired standard of living once you retire. Studies show that few Americans are saving enough for retirement, something that needs to change.

The team at Ed4Ed understand that CalSTRS and CalPERS members need to know how to maximize their retirement pension and savings so they can maintain their standard of living throughout retirement.

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The team at Ed4Ed has noticed a trend in retirement planning; there is not enough information about pension plan options and benefits. CalPERS and CalSTRTS members not only want but need this information. At Ed4Ed.org, our goal is to provide content that will help educate CalSTRS and CalPERS members about all of their retirement plan options and benefits. By providing this valuable information, we are doing our part to help fix the current retirement crisis in the U.S.

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